Moving? Here Are Some Great Books to Help Your Child Cope with The Move.

Before I leave By Jessixa Bagley. Leaving her best friend is difficult for a young hedgehog whose family is moving,but everyone assures her things will be all right.

I’m not moving by Wiley Blevins. When Keesha’s dad gets a new job, her family has to move. Keesha finds that change is hard when it means leaving behind the home she loves and moving to a new house, going to a new school and meeting new friends.
Peanut Butter &Cupcake by Terry border. Peanut Butter sets out with her soccer ball to find a friend after moving to a new town, but everyone from Hamburger to Soup seems too busy to play.
Ben Says Goodbye By Sarah Ellis. When Ben’s best friend moves away, he decides he will move, too- under the table, where he lives as Caveman Ben. Supported by his family, Ben is able to work through his emotions until he feels he is ready to re emerge and look forward to new friendships.
Little Home Bird by Jo Empson. Little Bird loves his home, where all of his favorite things are. Why would he ever want to change, even when his brother tells him they must?.
Ice in the Jungle by Ariane Hoffman-Maniyar. When Ice moves from the North Pole to the jungle, she finds her new home unfamiliar and strange. With the help of her classmates, though, she settles in.
Double Happiness by Nancy Tupper Ling. A Chinese American Girl and her brother protest the idea of moving, until their grandmother teaches them a special trip to make the change easier.
Moving Day by Fran Manushkin. When Katie Woo’s family moves, she is sad about leaving her room to a stranger, and even more concerned that the new house will never feel like home.
We are Moving by Mercer Mayer. When Mom and Dad tell Little Critter they have exciting news, he thinks they are getting a dog- not moving to a new house! Can he bring his sandbox? What if his new school as full of bullies? Eventually, Little Critter learns moving isn’t that bad.
The New Arrival by Vanya Nastanlieva. When Sam settles into his new home in a nice forest, there is an important thing missing: friends. Will the other animals welcome him?
Ian is moving by Pauline Oud. After packing up his favorite toys and saying good bye to his old house, Ian find some dun surprises at his new home.
Herman’s Letter by Tom Percival. After Henry the Raccoon moves away from his best friend Herman the bear, their promise to become pen pals becomes difficult..
A Year with Marmalade by Alison Reynolds. A Cat and a young girl slowly become friends when someone may love moves away.
 The Good Pie Party by Elizabeth Garton-Scanlon. Posey  Peyton and and her friends are very sad she is moving away. When they try baking a pie to cheer themselves up, they realized Posies leaving does not mean they’re saying good bye..
Alexander, Who’s Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It) Going To Move by Judith Viorst.. Alexander refuses to move away if it means leaving his favorite friends and special places.
Tim’s Big Move by Anke Wagner. When Pico’s owners tell him they are moving to a new town, the stuffed dogs worried he will not like the new house.
A Piece Of Home by Jerry Watts.  This family friendly story about the trials and triumphs of starting over in a new place, while keeping family and traditions close.
Lily’s New Home by Paula Yoo. Lily and her parents moved to a new home and New York City. Everything is so different which makes Lily even more homesick.
But What If? by Sue Graves. Daisy’s family is moving and she is very worried. A conversation with her grandpa, though, helps her understand that many worries don’t come true, and when one does, someone will be there to help.
Moving by Caitie McAneney. Moving can be a time of confusion and worry especially for kids. This book as tactfully explores the feelings that come with moving and the offer strategies for readjusting to the changes.
Moving by Victoria Parker. Kids in kindergarten through 2nd grade will learn the process of moving to a new house from what “moving” means to what happens at the new house..